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The WrestleMania Song

For more than a decade, Canadian Bulldog has been composing off-beat, quirky Christmas Carols for the off-beat, quirky world of pro wrestling. Here's another one (with apologies to Adam Sandler.....).

Live from AT&T Stadium 

It’s WrestleMania 

It’s gonna be insane-ia 

At WrestleMania 


WWE puts on 

A festival of fights 

But instead of one big long show,  

It goes for two crazy nights 


We’ve watched Stone Cold, Heartbreak Kid and The Rock 

Saw them live in person, pay-per-view or on Peacock 

Andre The Giant, wasn’t standing tall 

When he faced The Hulkster on The Grandest Stage Of All 


Triple H often wins, but he couldn’t have been sorrier 

When he lost at WrestleMania 12, to The Ultimate Warrior  

Bam Bam Bigelow, was pinned by LT 

Savage lost to Steamboat at WrestleMania Three 


But even when they did the job, these guys weren’t looking weak 

Except maybe when Brock Lesnar ended Undertaker’s streak  


From here to Lithuania 

They’re watching WrestleMania 

The Big Red Machine Kane-ia 

Beats up Pete Rose at WrestleMania 


WrestleMania 2000 was pretty damn lousy 

But guess what wasn’t? When Becky Lynch beat Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey 

WrestleMania 27 stunk up the arena 

That’s where The Miz won the main event. By pinning John Cena 


The Big Show got knocked out, by Floyd Mayweather 

Rey Mysterio won the title, while light as a feather 


Bret Hart screwed Vince McMahon 

While sitting on his rump 

But that was better than when the chairman 

Was knocked out by... President Donald Trump?


Mean Gene and Bobby The Brain-ia 

Have appeared at WrestleMania 

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn-ia 

May not make it to WrestleMania 

They should book Roman Reign-ia 

To win at WrestleMania 

There’s hours of miscellanea, 

So have a happy, happy, happy, happy WrestleMania 

Canadian Bulldog's Christmas Carols

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