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Reigning In A Roman Wonderland

For more than a decade, Canadian Bulldog has been composing off-beat, quirky Christmas Carols for the off-beat, quirky world of pro wrestling. Here's another one...

Theme song starts, are you listening?

His hair is wet, teeth are glistening

He’s a bad-ass sight

Just be happy tonight he’s

Reigning in a Roman wonderland


All his foes, he’ll demolish

Then he’ll make, them acknowledge

That despite any grief

He’s our tribal chief

Reigning in a Roman Wonderland


In his corner, he will have Paul Heyman

Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa, too

If they ask if that’s all, he’ll say no, man

Jimmy and Jey Uso round out the crew


All together, they’re The Bloodline

Raise one arm, that’s their gang sign

Roman’s flanked, by his stable

He’s the Head of the Table

Reigning in a Roman Wonderland


Main-eventing shows they call him Roman

He’s put away Drew and Edge and Brock

Also Goldberg, Seth and Kevin Owens

Only guy left to beat ’s his cousin The Rock


Winning gold, making moolah

When he squats and yells “OOO-AHHH!”

Been dishing out spears

For more than two years

Reigning in a Roman Wonderland

Reigning in a Roman Wonderland

Reigning in a Roman Wonderland

Canadian Bulldog's Christmas Carols

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