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AEW Unmatched Series 3

Many, many months ago, I mentioned how I was unlikely to collect any more of the AEW figures... or at the very least, I was going to stop obsessively collecting full series just for the sake of completion.

Now we've reached that inflection point. After seven series of Unrivaled, three series of Unmatched and a handful of one-offs... I'm now at the point where I confidently say my collection is pretty much complete.

Let's take a closer look at AEW Unmatched Series Three, shall we?

This series was the first set by Jazwares to include three AEW Upper Deck cards with each figure. Unfortunately, because I live in Canada, the direct suppliers such as Toys R Us don't come with trading cards (the advertisement on the front is actually blocked by a black sticker). I still did manage to get two figures with the cards because I purchased them from other places.

The theme for AEW Unmatched Series Three is The Dark Order. Originally, it was going to include the LJN style Darby Allin figure as well, but it didn't make production in time. Personally, I love this theme and that any action figure set would be focused on a single faction.

First up in the set is, of course, Mr. Brodie Lee. Jazwares has since created a few variations on this figure, but his AEW debut fig is the best in my opinion. It's the perfect likeness of The Exalted One in black and grey wrestling gear. Plus, instead of packing the figure with a ton of extra hands (like many AEW and WWE figures), this one comes packaged with a unique version of the TNT Championship, a scroll and a larger pad of paper. Truly, I can't say enough great things about this figure and it's the star of the whole set.

Evil Uno comes in at a close second for me, because it's such a unique and different wrestling figure. His black and purple gear is accented by S&M-style silver buttons, and his head has a perfect replica of his mask. Uno also comes with a microphone (for... some reason) and four extra hands, including the Dark Order hand signal. Actually, all of the figures in this set include said hand signal, except for Brodie Lee... which seems fitting.

Stu Grayson is also quite unique, with lots of Braveheart-style war gear, and particularly the black and purple skirt-type thing. He also has two removable heads, a very unique set of wrist-taped hands, and three other hands including the aforementioned Dark Order hand signal.

The Anna Jay figure is just about perfect, except for one small feature - I broke her neck upon switching heads (see video below for proof). Maybe I didn't know my own strength, but Anna is outfitted in grey and black ring wear, with purple knee pads, two different headscans and three hands.

Finally, John Silver is another unique fig. He's shorter than most of his stablemates and has a very cool black and purple entrance vest, plus the requisite extra three hands. But the star feature of this fig is his second removable head, which has Johnny Hungee smiling from ear to ear with a look that's guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Overall, AEW Unmatches Series Three is pretty damn cool and a great high to end my full-set collection on.

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