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AEW Unrivaled Series 7

I have to stop collecting AEW figures.

At first, I was only going to get one figure per character. Then, I was going to be a completist, but only for the first five Unrivaled collections. Yet here we are, seven collections in (plus one for Unmatched) and I'm still collecting the damn things. Let's see what we've got this time around...

Lance Archer looks like an absolute monster (which is probably how he got his name "The Murderhawk Monster" and I imagine he towers over the rest of the Unrivaled figures to date. His outfit and tattoos look great, as does his red ponytail and mohawk. What's interesting is that most of the figures in Series 7 don't come with any extras (e.g. hands, heads, weapons, etc. - a few come with outfits and belts), but Archer is absolutely the bare minimum. I'm not complaining; just pointing this out.

Nyla Rose (or, as she's listed on Amazon Canada, "Myla Rose") is a decent depiction of the former AEW Women's Champion. Much like Archer, she towers over her competitors in the division, and comes with a removable scarf and the AEW Womens Championship. Because I purchased my Nyla/Myla on eBay, I don't have the belt... but I already have the same title with my Riho and Hikaru Shida figures, so whatever.

The third incarnation of The Young Bucks still has them as babyfaces (despite the heel turn being more than a year ago now), though I will say their purple and yellow jackets and trunks pop more than the Bucks figures that came before them. Matt Jackson's still looks "off" (see closeup), but not quite as bad as it did in Unrivaled Series 3.

FTR make their Jazwares debut in this series and I have to say, I HATE their rubbery red jackets. Not only does it make the figures look kind of dorky, but they are a major pain in the ass to get on and off for figure photography (I believe my Cash Wheeler lost his hands more than once in the process). Could have definitely done without the jackets and just kept the AEW Tag Team Championship belts instead. And Dax Harwood's head, while not "Matt Jackson level" could use a bit of work.

AEW Unrivaled Series 7 doesn't really feel like a must have collection compared to some of its earlier cousins. But at least most of the characters are brand new. Now, if I can only hold off on buying Series 8...

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