AEW Unmatched Series 1

While AEW Unmatched is a new series beginning with these figures... it's actually very similar to the predecessor AEW Unrivaled collection. The figures are in scale to the Unrivaled ones (with one notable exception), come in very similar packaging and have the same amount of accessories.

Following similar logic, I've decided to only collect one figure of each AEW character that comes out, or else this will become an incredibly expensive habit. Thus, you only see three Unmatched figures in this review; missing are Darby Allin, Kenny Omega and Dustin Rhodes, which I acquired in previous sets.

Let's see what we've got going on with the others...

As an action figure, Miro is not as impressive as Rusev; there - I said it. The blonde hair/dark beard combination (which, thankfully, he's since lost) seems a little out of place, and I'll take the classic Bulgarian trunks and barefoot look over camo pants and black boots. Of course, you can't blame Jazwares for that; they were just trying to depict how Miro looked early in his AEW run as "The Best Man."

In addition, Miro's screaming head scan kind of misses the mark, and his body moulding just feels a bit off. Kudos to Jazwares for giving him an official AEW microphone (along with interchangeable hands), but this is a solid "middle of the road" figure for me.

Dr. Britt Baker's first-ever action figure is decent... but I can't hep but think how much better it would be if the head scan were more faithful to her. Honestly, apart from Hikaru Shida, none of the AEW women have received decent face scans in my mind. But put that one item aside, and it's actually an awesome figure! Her silver ring jacket is all kinds of cool, and you can swap out her hands for black gloves (a la Chris Jericho from Unrivaled Series 1).

The third figure, and honestly, the only one I was super-excited about it getting, was the LJN Cody Rhodes. Much like The Young Bucks figures from a few years ago, these are actual LJN figures! The packaging is just amazing; a combination of the old-school LJN Wrestling Superstars box and the newer AEW Unrivaled/Unmatched look. There's even a rolled-up poster inside that's faithful to the original WWF line (full disclosure: the poster image you see here isn't mine; as I've kept it pristine for safe keeping).

The Cody figure itself looks and feels like an old-school LJN, completely with slightly-bendable legs. Posed next to an OG LJN such as Hulk Hogan (see photo), it's not exactly in scale... but mind you, none of the original LJNs were in scale to each other. I appreciate it for what it is -- an awesome throwback and something these guys did better than WWE did a decade or so ago with it's LJN-style Classic Superstars.


Overall, this definitely isn't my favorite set of AEW figures, but there are some highlights, for sure. And I'll bet if I'd spent some extra money on Darby et al, it would have been a more impressive debut series for Unmatched. 

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