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AEW Unrivaled Series 3

The third series of AEW Unrivaled by Jazwares is very much a mixed bag, showing off both the highs and lows of the relatively young line. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Darby Allin's first wrestling figure is incredible and quite honestly, probably my favorite in the AEW line to date. Not only does the figure have a crazy amount of detail, including his various tattoos and facepaint, but his jacket is a freaking work of art! In addition, Allin comes with a weathered skateboard with his logo on the back of it. As a bonus, he can actually be positioned to ride said skateboard... although when I pose him on my AEW shelf, every once in a while, he ends up slipping off in the middle of the night and crashing into one of The Young Bucks.

Orange Cassidy is a close second to me in this line, because it's so damn accurate. You can pose the removeable hands in his pockets (something I've never seen before in any action figure), and his shirt/jean jacket combo is spot on. What's more, if you take off his sunglasses... the figure looks even MORE like Mr. Freshly Squeezed. How is that possible?

The Young Bucks are decent figures, suited up in the outfits they wore during a January 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite. The gear is killer, including Elite vests and tasseled boots. Unfortunately... while Nick Jackson looks spot on, Matt looks like he got hit with the ugly stick. It's just a poor rendering of the guy's face scan and it does take the YB figures down a notch. And that's unfortunate; I missed out on the first wave of Young Bucks figures in Series 1 and these ones aren't quite as good.

Riho's debut figure is fine, but hard for me to appreciate given I'm not really a fan of her work. Plus I have no one for her to face (my Brandi Rhodes is currently in the mail). Anyways, Riho comes with the AEW Women's Championship and interchangeable hands.

Saving the absolute worst for last... Pac is just awful. Not only does he feel proportionately larger than he should be, but both of his interchangeable heads aren't anything to write home about. One head scan misses the mark entirely, whereas the other is completely covered by hair. I've actually posed him with the "covered by hair" head and hidden him from my other figures so you can barely see him. Pac comes with a chair, which is the first they've offered in this line.

To be clear... there's definitely more good than bad in this line. The Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy figures alone make this set an easy thumbs up; the others from "meh" to "woof." But I'm definitely enjoying building up this particular collection!

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