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AEW Unrivaled Series 6

My initial plan was only to get two figures from this series - Jake Hager and Hikaru Shida.

Why? Because I had the other four figures from previous AEW Unrivaled lines and didn't see any particular need to become a completist. Yet little by little, I ended up getting them anyways and as of this writing, I know have every (non-chase) figure in the first six Unrivaled series, as well as Unmatched Series 1.

Let's take a closer look what's in the collection...

Jake Hager is just okay. His Jack Swagger figures through Mattel were actually much better for the most part. For one thing, they seem to have given Hager the wrong hair color, making him look a lot more ginger than he does on an episode of AEW Dynamite. And the outfit, whie probably accurate to something he wore in the ring at one point, feels like it's only a partial effort. Like, no kneepads? You tend to think of the guy in suits, pullovers or, at the very least, an Inner Circle T-shirt. The "extra hands" the figure comes with are also completely unnecessary here. I will say, the hoodie is kind of a neat feature that you don't see on very many wrestling figures.

Hikura Shida, on the other hand, is a much better depiction of her. Wearing red and black, she just looks like a total badass. I'd argue that she's the best womens figure AEW has produced to date, which has to count for something. Shida, like Riho before her, comes with the AEW Womens Championship.

Chris Jericho is quite similar to his AEW Unrivaled Gear Pack figure, only without the gear. Instead, he comes with the AEW Championship, a microphone and a bandana to wear around his neck. Nothing too fancy, but it's never a bad thing to have Le Champion in your collection.

MJF is quite similar to his first release, only missing his burberry scary. The Salt of the Earth comes with a microphone (as he did the first time around), so the only (minor) differences are wrist guards and his Dynamite Diamond ring.

Although both Lucha Brothers figures are somewhat similar to their original releases, the gold and black pattern absolutely makes them pop. Taken from their Fight For The Fallen appearance in 2019, this look is just perfect for Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix.

Overall, is Series Six a must have? Probably not. The two original characters are okay but not fantastic and other than the Lucha Brothers, the remaining figures are downgrades from their earlier releases.

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