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AEW Unrivaled Series 4

Although the photo above is a bit blurry (sorry), the fourth wave of AEW Unrivaled figures by Jazwares are actually by far the best in the series so far. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Although there are a few different Cody figures available already, this one is arguably the best rendering so far. He comes with two removable heads - one with a smiling face sculpt, the other more serious and menacing - and his Throne Breaker t-shirt from Fyter Fest. Add to that some very detailed trunks and his signature weightlifting belt and this is a decent addition to the collection.

Sammy Guevara's debut action figure is VERY cool. His gelled-up hairstyle is prominent, as is the tongue sticking out of his mouth; add the sunglasses and you have a great representation of the guy. His leather jacket is also more detailed than many of the WWE Mattel ones. The only issue I have is that he can't seem to hold his "Hit Me Up" signs with his hands. And it's odd that they packed him with four identical signs instead of different messages on them.

While there are multiple Matt Hardy figures already on the market (including for his Woken/Broken look), this one may be the best one yet. His face sculpt is head on, the "Broken" jacket is amazing and what's more... it comes with a Vanguard one and translucent red head and shoulders version of Matt to appear as though he's "projecting" an image of Big Money Matt! I believe WWE did something similar, though the projection was much-more two dimensional.

Proud and Powerful are by far the biggest stars of this set. There's just so much to them to appreciate! Each has two removable heads, with Ortiz having both a head of hair tucked under a bandana and his full Carlito/Haku style hair on display. Santana's head sculpts are similar, only one has an eyepatch on it commemorating his match with Jon Moxley where both men were vision impaired.

Last but not least is Kenny Omega. I have to say this is a far better version of The Cleaner than his Series 1 version. Both his hair and face scan are closer to the mark, and I even appreciate his "simpler" vest and trunks gear. Plus you can pose his hands in the "gun fingers" stance, which is perfect for his persona.

All in all, this is a fantastic set and easily the best one Jazwares has produced to date. Not a bad fig in the bunch, honestly.

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