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AEW Unmatched Series 2

I was planning on stopping my AEW figure collection after the first five Unrivaled series. Then I figured, I might as well get the first series in Unmatched as well.

Today, I have the complete Unrivaled series from one through seven, and the first three Unmatched collections. Which is to say, I have absolutely no self-discipline.

Oh, well. Let's take a closer look at Unmatched series two, shall we?

Sting's debut AEW figure (and the first "Luminaries" figure is the Jazwares collection) is just about perfect. It features one of the best face scans I've ever seen on a figure and unlike other figs... it doesn't capture the "good old days" of Sting, but the way he looked when he debuted for AEW. I respect that. The figure comes with a leather jacket, alternate pair of gloved hands, and his ever-present baseball bat.

There's also a chase variant of The Stinger (which was available at Walmart in the U.S., I believe?) where he has half his face painted like Darby Allin's. This one isn't nearly as cool as the original figure, but considering I own it... I added this to the collection.

MJF's third Jazwares figure is a tad disappointing. Sure, he has a robe on in this iteration (and a pair of extra hands), but otherwise, it's almost identical to his first two figures. Even though I love MJF, this isn't exactly a must-have.

Wardlow's debut figure is also on the underwhelming side of things. It's not bad, and you have two different heads to choose from here, but the black and green gear is kind of dull for such an imposing character. He also comes with alternate hands, for what it's worth.

Both Santana and Ortiz are rock stars of this series, as they were for their Unrivaled debut. Comparing the two iterations, the Unmatched figures are definitely more colorful, rocking black and orange gear, plus both members of the team come with alternate heads and hands. But truly, AEW fans would be happy with either version of the (former?) Proud and Powerful duo.

Finally, Tay Conti is one of the better female figures in the AEW collection so far, as her figure is more colorful and detailed than most. Her alternate head is quite different than the head she comes with, making for two fairly different figures. And with her role with Sammy Guevara these days, it's even more important to have Tay in your collection.

Overall, this is a fun collection, with a few bangers in the group, Highly recommend it!

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