AEW Unrivaled Series 5

This is not, technically speaking, the full set of AEW Unrivaled Series 5. I intentionally stayed away from the "new" versions of Jon Moxley and Hangman Adam Page, part of my decision to collect only one of each new character. But there's still quite a bit of meat on the bone here. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

With Moxley and Page out of the running, we're left with two very solid tag teams making their debut in this line -- SCU and Jurassic Express. Or at least, two-thirds of each unit.

SCU are a bit underwhelming - they're both fairly generic in real life, so their figs reflect that. Scorpio Sky comes with a sleeveless hoodie which, by removing his head, I was able to take off for some of these photos. I had a much tougher time with Frankie Kazarian, however. Like, I really couldn't remove his ring jacket. And while it's the better of the two jackets (complete with "This is the worst town..." logo on the back) keeping it on him really limits Kazarian's arm mobility. Kaz's face scan looks "off" at first, but on closer inspection, it's actually pretty accurate. Each SCU member comes with an AEW Tag Team Championship, commemorating their run as the first tag team champions. Cool.

Jurassic Express are both in-freaking-credible! Jungle Boy is ridiculously scrawny (more so than even Brandi Rhodes in this series), but it's faithful to the wrestler himself.... so 10 out of 10 for accuracy. Even his long hair is a unique feature and really makes the figure pop. He comes with removable hands because.... I guess they had to give the figure a little something extra.

Luchasaurus is definitely the MVP of this series and possibly the best AEW Unrivaled figure to date. He's so incredibly detailed, from his dinosaur mask to all of his colorful tattoos. They even managed to fit in his "footie sneakers" or whatever you call them, which is a nice, unique touch. His hands even have green fingernails, giving you the full Jurassic look. He also comes with a spare set of hands, as if anyone needs them.

Is this the best AEW Unrivaled series to date? Probably not. But there are no real losers in the bunch... or at least out of the four that I have in my collection.

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