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AEW Unrivaled Barbed Wire Accessory Pack

Action figure weapons aren't typically my thing, particularly given my massive wrestling figure collection is mostly just for display and not for play. So I have a decent collection of tables, ladders and chairs on my person... but most of them are tuckedsafely away into a ziploc baggie somewhere.

Not so with AEW's first weapons-only kit, known as the AEW Unrivaled Barbed Wire Accessory Pack. This is decidedly different and is worth chatting about. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The AEW Unrivaled Barbed Wire Accessory Pack is meant to capture the Lights Out Match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley at Full Gear 2019, and contains 11 pieces. Almost all of them haven't been used in the wrestling figure world before -- which is kind of amazing.

The main event to this kit is a rack table that can be used to spread barbed wire on it, just like the Full Gear match. The set comes with six strands of barbed wire, which can be positioned in any way you see fit, but also have hooks to latch onto the sides of the rack table. While the barbed wire strands aren't actually sharp (that may be a lawsuit waiting to happen), you can feel the barbs as you arrange the wire. And of course, capturing your wrestler of choice on top of or inside the barbs is a very satisfying feeling and look. Here, we see Cody Rhodes completely snared in the trap (and I had to use the Blood & Guts variant for full effect). It's quite easy for the different strands of barbed wire to become entwined in one another... which is exactly what you want it to look like.

Making the Cody scene even more gory is that he's being threatened with a barbed wire-wrapped broom by Kenny Omega. While the barbed wire here isn't removeable, it certainly makes for a potent weapon. The same can be said for the barbed wire baseball fat, which could signify the arrival of Cactus Jack to your fantasy AEW.... or could be used to give Chris Jericho's Floyd a serious edge.

There's also a barbed wire-wrapped chair. I'm not sure whether the barbs are removable (they may be), but it makes for a killer weapon that both Jon Moxley and Terry Funk would be proud of.

The set also comes with a curled-up length of gold chain, which doesn't exactly fit with the barbed wire motif, but is still quite badass. In one of the scenarios pictured above, The Lucha Bros and Proud and Powerful are using a little bit of everything on each other.

One more note on the aforementioned loose barbed wire strands - although they're meant to be placed on the rack table, you can use them pretty much anywhere. Darby Allin can come to the ring on a barbed wire skateboard, if you so choose. Proud and Powerful can wave a barbed wire encrusted Puerto Rican flag. And you can also wrap the wire around the ring ropes, as we've done here for a match involving Miro and bloody Dustin Rhodes. E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub!

Look... these are only a few of the scenarios I could create using these gory weapons. With AEW recently announcing bloody versions of Omega, Moxley and Britt Baker are coming out, there's tons of potential for gory figure photography when you have a set this potent.

Nice work, Jazwares. Nice work.

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