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AEW Unrivaled Series 1

Technically speaking, this collection is a mish-mash of AEW Unrivaled Series 1 (purchased on the secondary market after I missed out on the initial 2020 roll-out) and Series 1B (the re-release of Series 1 in early 2021 that featured a darker skin tone). Hopefully you AEW completists can forgive me for this most grievous offense.

Personally, I'm more than happy to have one of each of the six figure in the original Jazwares series of AEW Unrivaled, even if some are the re-released versions. Let's take a closer look...

The first figure in the entire series is Cody, easily the most duplicated figure in this relatively young collection so far. This figure is from 2019's Double Or Nothing (as are all the figures in this series, actually), and Cody comes complete with an American Nightmare weightlifting belt and his Triple H-esque sledgehammer, which he used to destroy a throne on the DoN stage. Having seen the original Series 1 figure and owning the darker skin tone re-release... the darker tone is definitely the better rendering of the two.

Chris Jericho's debut AEW figure (he's also had a few so far) is pretty bad-ass. It comes with a leather jacket, hat and metallic scarf, as well as interchangeable hands. For those keeping score, my Jericho is from the original Series 1, but the skin tone here is barely noticeable.

Brandi Rhodes' debut figure (also from the original Series 1) is fairly unremarkable. The face rendering doesn't really do the real-life Brandi justice and, unfortunately, she's incredibly difficult to stand up on her own. Many mornings, I'll enter the Bulldog man cave to find that she's toppled off the shelf and bumped into Cody or something.

Kenny Omega's debut action figure is another one that clearly benefits from the darker skin tone, as the original release looked far too pale. It comes with a removable jacket and wrist piece, as well as interchangeable hands. Personally, I prefer the Series 4 version of Omega better... but this one isn't too shabby.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) round out this collection, and their Elvis-themed jumpsuits really make these figures pop. Granted, they are a little tough to stand up with such heavy gear on, but it's a difference maker. Plus the face sculpts are far superior to Series 3, where poor Matt looks like he has slept in two weeks or something. And these are darker skin tones as well... which definitely helps the figures in this case.

Whether you go with Series 1 or Series 1B (or a mixture of both, as I ended up with), the first AEW Unrivaled figures are quite impressive and a must-get for wrestling figure fans.

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