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AEW Unrivaled Series 2

I began searching for AEW Unrivaled figures by Jazwares in September of 2020, visiting different Walmarts across the province of Ontario with absolutely no luck, even though store shelves were apparently advertising them. So bottom line, I missed out on the entire Series 1 (though I've since paid decent money on the secondary market for Chris Jericho and Brandi Rhodes, wanting to have one of each AEW character in my collection) and by the summer of 2021, I should have one figure of each wrestler between Series 1 and Series 5.

I picked up Series 2 from the folks at Ringside Collectibles (not wanting to miss out on another local store drought), and below is what we have in this collection...

First up is Jon Moxley, complete with a scarred forehead, scowl across his face, MOX leather jacket, the AEW World Championship and camo pants. Overall, it's a decent figure but (as pointed out by many online), he's proportionately too tall compared to other figures in the line. I even compared him to a Dean Ambrose Mattel figure and the difference is quite apparent. Still, that's hardly a showstopper for display purposes....

MJF is a decent, basic figure, with his trademark smirk captured, a burberry-style scarf and our first official AEW microphone. I'd almost rather have a suited MJF in my collection, though I suspect that will be out with his Series 6 figure.

Like Moxley, Dustin Rhodes is also a bit on the tall side (as I mentioned in the AEW Blood & Guts review), but I would suggest that's fine given Goldust is on the tall side anyways. This figure is incredibly detailed, including his face half-painted, two sleeves of tattoos and a detailed bodysuit that says "Natural" across the back.

Hangman Adam Page has his debut figure (at least, I believe this to be his debut; he may have had one in ROH?) and it's quite impressive. You can change his hands to add in the "shooting symbol" ones, and he also comes with a removeable bull rope.

Rex Fenix's figure is a tad on the basic side, but I'm just happy to have some Lucha Bros figures on my shelves. I tried to do his signature "bowing on one knee and posing" pose, but this was as far as I could get without breaking the damn thing.

Pentagon Jr. is a work of freaking art, and easily my favorite figure in the entire series. It's incredibly detailed, includes his facepaint, tattoos and full ring gear, plus some removeable hands so he can do his signature "Cero Miedo" hand gesture. 

Overall, this is a really good collection of figures and some very solid additions to the collection.

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