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I'm not sure whether this exact concept has been tried before in a wrestling figure setting.... but even if it has, Chris Jericho was the perfect person to try this out on. After all, what better person to dress up in wacky, rock star outfits than Le Champion himself?

Let's take a closer at AEW's first-ever Gear Pack, shall we?

Although there are a few Chris Jericho figures already made by Jazwares, the only other one in my collection is from Unrivaled Series 1: a great likeness of The Demo God, but one that's almost swallowed by his spiky ring jacket, silver scarf and black hat. This particular gear pack lets Jericho come alive.

The first set of gear is a white jacket that looks pretty badass combined with Jericho's black trunks, as well as the black gloved hands (the set also comes with his regular hands), bandana and sunglasses. Pro tip: Switching out the hands, jacket and bandana are MUCH easier if you pop off Jericho's head and hands first.

Both jackets this set come with are shaped on a kind of cardboard clothes hanger so they won't lose shape while sitting in a ziploc bag somewhere. The white jacket feels a bit more authentic to Jericho's character (particularly when hanging out with The Inner Circle), but it's actually not my favorite.

Jericho's sparkly pink jacket is simply a thing of beauty, and the jacket I'm choosing to pose him with my rapidly-expanding AEW collection. At first, I thought it was the tuxedo jacket from 2020's Le Dinner Debonaire video.... but it turns out, I was way, way off. The jacket isn't even close, and not even remotely the same style of color. Oh well. It's still pretty damn cool, and very appropriate for Chris Jericho.

Add an AEW microphone to the mix, and between the two jackets, two sets of hands, bandana and sunglasses you have numerous ways to dress up your Jericho here. Come to think of it, you could also dress up other AEW figures in your Jazwares collection with some of this swag as well -- another reason this set is so damn cool.

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