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Thank You, Hyatte

Admittedly, not everyone reading this will know who Chris Hyatte is. To me, he was one of the most controversial (yet entertaining) wrestling writers during the height of the IWC. His columns were must-reads, always full of scathing criticisms of people in and on the fringes of the wrestling industry... but always creative and funny as hell.

By the time, the Monday Night Wars were over, so were Chris' regular gigs writing for bygone sites such as ScoopsCentral, 411mania and The Declaration of Independents. He occasionally would produce a blog, or pop up on various message boards, but it wasn't the same thing. Not his fault at all, but rather a sad commentary on the end of an era.

I quite recently connected with him on Twitter after tracking down an archived copy of one of his most creative (yet truly disturbing) columns - The Taking Of Triple H. When I sent it along, he was quite appreciative and even remembered the fact that I'd written a self-published book back in the day (he's the only one).

Rest in peace, Chris. I'm Canadian Bulldog... and I still care! :)


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