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Thank You, Sika

The first time I watched Sika wrestle, it was his final go-run in the WWF. Sure, he had experienced tons of tag team success with his brother Afa, but when I first saw the giant Samoan, it was during a singles run where he was initially managed by King Curtis Iaukea and then Mr. Fuji.

I believe he had a WWF World Title program with Hulk Hogan and a handful of matches against the likes of Jake The Snake Roberts and George The Animal Steele. He also ate the envelope for the "Best Song" award at the Slammys in 1987, so we never got to find out who won.

Obviously, that was hardly Sika's only run in wrestling. As a multi-time tag team champion with his brother, the two were a top act in the WWF and anywhere else they competed. And after his in-ring career was done, he would be remembered as the father of both Rosey and Roman Reigns.

Thank you for all of your contributions to the industry over the years, Sika. You will be missed.


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