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Thank You, Beautiful Bobby

Beautiful Bobby Eaton was an original in wrestling who definitely never got his just due as a performer and legitimate Hall of Famer.

Best known for his work in the legendary Midnight Express (both with Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane), Eaton was the silent-but-deadly technician in the team that gave it tremendous success against the likes of The Rock 'n' Roll Express, The Fantastics and even The Road Warriors.

In the early 1990s, he was separated from the team -- not because of any face turn or breakup, but because Cornette and Lane left WCW. From there, he became a surprisingly-great singles performer, capturing the WCW Television Title from Arn Anderson and having a decent singles run before being unseated by some guy named Steve Austin. He would also go on to partner with both of those men as a key member of Paul E. Dangerously's criminally-underappreciated faction The Dangerous Alliance. His last major role in a promotion was teaming with Lord Steven Regal as the comedic Earl Robert Eaton in The Blue Bloods.

Unfortunately, Eaton had some fairly public health scares in recent years, but it doesn't diminish the tremendous career he had. Rest in peace.



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