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RIP New Jack

Wow. The seemingly ageless New Jack passed away overnight. A few things come to mind about this true ECW original.

First, there was his memorable wrestling career, in which he truly helped define what hardcore wrestling is. Even if you didn't love that particular style, you'd have to admit he (with all apologies to Tommy Dreamer) was an innovator of violence.

Then there was his appearance in Beyond The Mat, where the world learned about his justifiable homicides and his quest to become Denzel's best friend in the movies.

There was also his push of Vic Grimes off the scaffold at an independent show, which caused the ring announcer to angrily shout that the show was over and people needed to clear the ringside area for doctors to get to Grimes. And of course, it's hard to forget last year's episode of Dark Side Of The Ring, where all of this and more was remembered in great detail.

But for me, I will never forget the time he called me a f*cking dumbass as part of a nutty prank email gone horribly wrong. In a loving way, of course. RIP New Jack.



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