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RIP Butch Reed

I first heard of Butch Reed from the Apter Mags when he went by the nickname of Hacksaw in Mid-South. It was only when he arrived in the WWF a few years later that I actually saw him compete.

Managed by The Dr. of Style Slick and sporting bleached-blond hair, "The Natural" Butch Reed was a sure thing to be challenging the likes of Hulk Hogan - but it never seemed to materialize. I remember him competing in the first round of the WWF World Title tournament at WrestleMania IV, but never advancing past that.

He later surfaced in WCW and even while wearing a mask, it was painfully obvious that Butch Reed and Ron Simmons were.... well, Butch Reed and Ron Simmons. Once they lost their masks, and switched managers from Woman to Teddy Long, the team of Doom really took off. I remember them having amazing matches against the likes of Rick and Scott Steiner and Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, before the team eventually split up.

Reed resurfaced a few times in later years (such as at Teddy Long's kayfabe wedding to Kristal on SmackDown), but for the most part stayed retired.

Rest in peace.



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