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Not-So-Immediate Money In The Bank Thoughts

I'll be very honest - I haven't watched very much new wrestling since WrestleMania (it's very painful to watch during the Empty Arena Era) and while I'm certainly keeping up with the storylines, this show didn't exactly pique my interest. Plus, it is Mother's Day.. so this show wasn't going to be first on the Bulldog priority list.

Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro was fine for what it was... I really do hope WWE takes its time to explain the Hardy redemption story and doesn't just drop it a month from now for something else.

The four-team tag team title match was okay but not exactly something that screamed Tag Team Appreciation Month. Wouldn't mind seeing more from The Forgotten Sons, though.

Lashley vs. R-Truth was absolutely nothing and a waste of time. Why was MVP involved, by the way?

Bayley vs. Tamina was just awful and a crying shame considering the talented women they have on the roster right now. This could have been a SmackDown match, not a PPV match (even in this weird era).

Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt was a tad underwhelming and seemed like a setup for something more, and it's pretty obvious that they're just stretching things out to build up to The Fiend.

I enjoyed Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins as much as I possibly could for an empty arena match. The two have really good chemistry together, and I'm hoping the handshake at the end was just a red herring.

The dual Money In The Bank matches were at least different and meant to distract from the lack of a live crowd. It had its fun moments and while Otis as Mr. Money In The Bank doesn't exactly inspire confidence, these matches were something that will be remembered for some time.

This wasn't a great show; not at all, but they're doing the best they can with a very trying sit of limitations.


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