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My Poetic Obituary For Lanny Poffo

Lanny Poffo's wrestling career was severely underrated,

He was loved as Leaping Lanny, but as The Genius, he was hated.

A staple of the classic days in the WWF,

Poffo's presence was as reliable as the timekeeper or ref.

Before his bouts, Poffo would toss a frisbee to the crowd,

In today's PC society, that probably wouldn't be allowed.

Though he never graced the cover of the WWF Magazine,

He performed as though he was something that world had never seen.

And while he lost most of his matches to some underwhelming foe,

Who else can brag they had Macho Man Randy Savage as their bro?

When Poffo finally turned heel, the The Genius came around

Leading Mr. Perfect and The Beverly Brothers into victory, his fame was finally found.

Poffo even beat The Hulkster on Saturday Night's Main Event,

A countout win, but one that showed us what his career had truly meant.

Rest In Peace, Lanny - and thank you from a old fan,

You may not have been champion, but you were The World's Smartest Man.


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