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McMahon's Messes and Misses

Our resident wrestling historian Mike Rickard is publishing a book this week called McMahon's Messes and Misses, which will be available on Kindle July 14 and in paperback on July 15.

From the author: The book is not an in-depth biography but an overview of Vince McMahon. It traces his origins, how he developed the wrestling company into a global juggernaut, and its future.

This book investigates Vince's recent scandal before giving readers a glimpse into his personality and mannerisms. It examines his humble beginnings as a child raised in a trailer park and the path that brought him to be the kingpin of a billion-dollar company. This book covers his ascent to the top of the wrestling world and his interactions with his business rivals and wrestlers. It will help readers comprehend WWE as a company, Vince McMahon as an entrepreneur, and a person.

Order McMahon's Messes and Misses today and please let us know what you think!



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