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Immediate Survivor Series Thoughts

Even though it won't likely happen... I would LOVE The Undertaker's "final farewell" to be interrupted by Roman Reigns tonight, setting up for an EPIC rematch at WrestleMania.

The pre-show battle royal was fine for what it was. Would have been a bit more meaningful had they'd hyped it a bit ahead of time. No issues with The Miz winning here.

The Mens Survivor Series match was a fun opener, but didn't quite go the way I expected. Kevin Owens was the early star for me (even though he didn't have much success) and the surprise was that all five Raw guys survived. While I saw what they were going for with Jey Uso... it didn't quite resonate.

The New Day vs. The Street Profits took a little while to get going, but eventually started getting pretty decent. Really impressed with what I saw from Street Profits, to be honest. THIS is what interpromotional matches should look like.

While not quite as hard-fought, Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley also felt like a true interpromotional match due to the heel/heel dynamic on display. Wasn't nearly as good, though.

I LOVED Asuka vs. Sasha Banks - my match of the night (at least so far). Very physical, very back and forth, and yet another good example of what an interpromotional match should be.

Hmmm.... I must have missed The Gobbledygooker's historic 24/7 title reign earlier in the evening....

The Women’s Survivor Series match was fine, if not a big long. I enjoyed the story they built with Lana and even though it was a bit obvious, it was a nice payoff. Bianca Belair looked like a million bucks here.

Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns was a phenomenal main event, really feeling like a big-fight feel. Although their previous matchups were not my favourites, this one delivered in spades. I’d watch them have another go.

Obviously, The Undertaker’s final farewell was well done; about as big as one of these things could ever get. A tremendous send off to one of the industry’s biggest names.

One of the better PPVs all year, honestly.


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