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Immediate Money In The Bank Thoughts

This will be a strange one to cover, in that I'll probably watching the opening match and then will need to cover the rest later tonight. Lousy stupid "special" start time...

What a tremendous James Bond-esque opening montage. I could have seen AEW trying to pull off something like that at All In; guess not now.

While every last competitor looked like a rock star entering the Mens MITB match that reaction for L.A. Knight was unreal. If WWE didn't see what they had with him before... this should seal it. Some great 'holy shit' moments from the participants here, including Butch's moonsault off the top of the ladder, and Ricochet and Logan flipping off the ropes into the table. Plus the crowd went crazy for each of Knight's hope spots. The only criticism I had is, perhaps they should have replaced Santos Escobar (who does nothing for me) with Bronson Reed, who not only has an active issue with Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet, but would have also been a great spoiler for several stars. Damian Priest was a genuine shock winning this, but I certainly don't hate the decision. Will he attempt to cash in tonight?

Wow - another genuine shock, as I don't think anyone had "Shayna Baszler turning on Ronda Rousey" on their Bingo card tonight. Same could be said about Liv Morgan and Racquel Rodriguez capturing the Womens Tag Team Championship - absolutely did not see that coming. The development itself is interesting, but I don't know where they go with Ronda now. And it's interesting that Morgan has pinned Rousey at two consecutive MITB events now.

Matt Riddle vs. Gunther was a tad underwhelming. I feel they could have had Riddle shine in more of the match, rather than a lengthy squash. But it's hard to complain about the return of Drew McIntyre afterwards. The announcers were quite definitive that he wasn't leaving WWE, which probably means that was a very real possibility behind the scenes.

What a tremendous reaction for Cody Rhodes in London ahead of his match with Dominik Mysterio. And throughout the entire match for that matter! The entire contest felt like something out of Saturday Night's Main Event, with Rhea Ripley playing Sensational Sherri, but it worked because of this incredible crowd.

HOLY SHIT! JOHN CENA! I'm not sure how to feel about the Grayson Waller interruption, but I suppose there needed to be a mid-card heel to engage with Cena.

The Womens Money In The Bank match was largely kept interesting because of the red-hot Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch issue. Unlike the Mens MITB, there wasn't really a ton of great spots for many of the other competitors, though Zelina Vega's Code Red onto the ladder was a cool move. Iyo Sky's win was a tad predictable, but still an original finish.

Seth Freakin' Rollins vs. Finn Balor wasn't a bad match, and in fact was one of the better Balor matches I've seen in a while... but it wasn't quite the level of their SummerSlam match years earlier. I did like the Damian Priest interference in that wasn't a cash-in but rather a tease of what may be yet to come.

The Usos vs. Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa was the main event match I never knew I needed. Starting with an extremely slow build and continuing to get more and more exciting, the match had everything fans could have wanted, including a half-dozen nearfall spots and of course, Roman being pinned for the first time in over three years. Even though The Bloodline has had their civil war, they're still the best act in wrestling.

Overall.... probably not PPV of the year or anything, but still a lot of great progression and a few legit surprises.



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