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Immediate Hell In A Cell Thoughts

I'm a little surprised that Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso went on first, but in hindsight it was a super-solid choice for an opener. There was so emotion here and it was the perfect follow-on to their Clash of the Champions match. Love the direction Reigns is taking, and his act seems to slowly improve every time. One of the best Cell matches I've seen in a while... even though the Cell had very little to do with it.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias was what it was, and probably didn't need to be on PPV with that kind of finish.

Otis vs. The Miz wasn't very enjoyable, even with the "swerve" ending of Tucker turning on him. I'm glad Miz at least has the briefcase, but it seems like it took a ton of work to get us to this point.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley was every bit as physical as it needed to be, and it definitely built on their previous highly-rated encounters in WWE and NXT. A lot of brutal moments there, featuring not only the Cell itself, but also kendo sticks, chairs and fire extinguishers. I wouldn't have minded seeing this one as the main event, honestly. Inventive finish to boot.

Bobby Lashey vs. Slapjack was just time-filler. I'm already over this feud.

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton probably didn't need to be a Cell match, though they did the most they could with the structure. The problem with McIntyre's title run is just as he was gaining momentum, crowds left due to the pandemic. Not his fault, but moments like tonight could have been so much bigger had there been a live audience to appreciate the loss. I'm fine with Orton as WWE Champion (and hope it leads to a rematch with Edge at Mania), but it didn't jump out at me as all-time great Hell In A Cell match.

Not a great show, but Reigns-Uso and Bayley-Banks made more than up for some of the pitfalls.


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