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Immediate Day 1 Thoughts

Some nagging computer issues caused me to delay this review slightly, so it was almost published on Day 2. Perhaps we can say that we've been down since Day One-Ish?

The New Day vs. The Usos is always a good match and this one was absolutely no exception. Even without the Big E and Roman factors that were part of this rivalry leading into Survivor Series, these teams can always be counted on to bring the goods. Really enjoyed this one and a great opener.

I didn't mind Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss (and truly wasn't expecting to enjoy it). Moss made the most of his opportunity tonight, looking like he belonged in there. A far cry from how they've been positioning him as Happy Corbin's heater.

RKBro vs. The Street Profits was a decent tag team match. While AEW definitely has a deeper team roster, there was nothing wrong at all with this formula - it worked for what it was.

Edge vs. The Miz was exactly what I'd expected it to be, right down to the Brood music and Beth Phoenix coming to ringside for the save. This was also formulaic, though I do look forward to the eventual Edge/Phoenix vs. Miz/Maryse showdown. Assuming that will be at the Royal Rumble...

Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch was a bit slow at times, but I like that they're at least building up another top contender to the division.

The Fatal 5-Way main event, while not what we were expecting going into 2022, was a really interesting and hellacious match. I like that Bobby Lashley had some opportunity to shine against Brock Lesnar (and if that's what they're thinking for WrestleMania, I'm down with it). Lesnar winning the championship here has to be seen as a surprise, but it may have been more of a surprise had he not factored into the finish. Sucks for Big E, though, as his reign was really starting to take shape and I somehow don't see him being paired with Lesnar just yet.

Overall, this was a decent but not great show - happy new year!


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