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Immediate All Out Thoughts

This is the first time in the seven-year history of this website that I've actually ordered a non-WWE pay-per-view instead of watching via stream, in piecemeal, or on video considerably after the fact. THAT is how big this show is, and how high the expectations are for AEW's All Out event.

Eddie Kingston vs. Miro wasn't the opener I necessarily thought we were getting from the outset... but what the hell, there's a decent energy to it and the crowd is super into it - let's see how it goes down. Miro looks phenomenal here and finally has that "monster" edge I feel he's needed since he joined AEW a good year ago. I do feel they handicapped themselves by announcing at the outset that Miro's title defenses have been seven minutes on average; once Kingston (easily) broke that timing, and the accomplishment suddenly didn't seem so interesting. A decent match, but probably not the best way to open such a stacked show.

And actually... Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima probably should have been the opener, for Moxley's entrance alone (okay, I'll stop complaining about the order of matches now). Another solid back-and-forth match here, and one that took a few minutes to get going... but really enjoyed it. The appearance of Minoru Suzuki and the crazy exchange with Moxley was the real highlight of this segment.

I've slowly come around to the Dr. Britt Baker bandwagon (particularly given I just received her action figure in the mail this week). And even though her match against Kris Statlander got off to a bit of a clunky start, it really grew on me the longer it went. Some really solid work between these two, including the brutal curbstomp and "Pittsburgh Sunrise" by Baker. Cool match.

From the over-the-top entrance to the phenomenal sequences to the never-before seen moves... The Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks had something for everyone. The loaded shoe sequence was incredible and it actually meant something to the match. Even if you want to knock the choreographed nature of some of the parts of the match, it was entertaining as well. Just had a smile on my face the entire time. Was this the greatest tag team match I've ever seen? No. It was probably the greatest match I've ever seen, period. It was THAT damn impressive. Well done, boys.

Even as we start into the Casino Battle Royale... I'm still living in the afterglow of that damn tag team match. SO GOOD! The battle royale was also really good, with AEW giving each competitor some decent time to develop their characters and keep some storylines going. Ruby Soho as the Joker was not a huge shock, nor was the fact that she was winning. So my only complaint about this match (and it was a minor one) is that they could have arrived at the natural conclusion a bit earlier. But honestly, Soho vs. Baker sounds like it will be great.

Chris Jericho vs. MJF started off powerfully and then slowed down for a while. Really, until the Dusty Finish with MJF winning, I wasn't on my feet watching each twist and turn. But after that false finish happened, all was right with the world and it's hard to complain about the end result. Now hopefully both guys move onto something different.

CM Punk vs. Darby Allin was exactly what wrestling fans needed. Was it the best match on the show so far? No, but it was a solid effort with a few really fun sequences, built around Punk eventually landing the GTS in the middle of the ring. Welcome back to The Best In The World.

As short and painless as it was... I think this show could have done without Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall. The very definition of a "piss break" match, and way too late in the evening for that.

Christian Cage vs. Kenny Omega wasn't the typical "Kenny Omega match," and I think that alone deserves a world of credit. Christian is better than he has any right to be at his age (and considering he was retired for years). Not sure the One-Winged Angel from the top rope was the safest move to give someone with neck issues, but we all know this was just a means to get us to the aftermath. I have to admit, Adam Cole's entry as part of The Elite was something I wasn't expecting (at least not here), but it made the debut of Bryan Danielson even sweeter.

My first non-WWE Pay-Per-View in at least seven years... and worth every damn penny.


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