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Thank You, Kamala

On behalf of Wrestling Merchandise and Memories, we'd like to say thank you to Kamala, the larger-than-life character that terrorized wrestling rings for years, despite being a friendly soul by all accounts outside of the squared circle.

With his fierce war paint, unusual ring gear and even his humongous war mask he war to the ring, Kamala always stood out in a crowd. His ability to "communicate" by grunting, groaning and patting his belly, was always one of the best gimmicks back in the day.

I remember him feuding with Hulk Hogan circa 1986, selling out back-to-back shows at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens (and years earlier, he was bodyslammed by Andre The Giant in a Steel Cage Match, a clip that was immortalized in the introduction of Coliseum Home Video. I remember his classic feud with The Undertaker and his eventual babyface turn, in which Slick taught him to be "a man" (complete with rudimentary English and taking bowling lessons).

Of the four action figures displayed, one of them (his Micro Brawler) I received just the other day. Talk about timing! Rest in peace, Kamala, and thanks for the memories.


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