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WWE Retro Series Nine

WWE Retro figures are the spiritual successor to the WWF Hasbro figures of the 1990s. Small, chunky and packed with "action moves," Mattel introduced the line in 2018, creating a nostalgia fix for long-time collectors, while also creating something fun for newer figure collectors.

A menu of reviews for each series in the collection can be found at the bottom of this page. For now, let's take a closer look at Series Nine...

Series Nine kicks off with a huge Easter Egg for longtime Hasbro enthusiasts. It features Randy Macho Man Savage in lime green trunks. This is a nod to an unreleased Hasbro figure in 1990 that was shown in a JC Penney catalogue. While the figure isn't in the exact same pose and he has taped wrists for some reason... it was a nice homage to the unreleased fig.

Samoa Joe is a decent current WWE figure, even if it is largely recycled from Kevin Owens parts. Hat tip to the two-toned trunks that Joe often wore during his WWE run as well.

It turns Savage isn't the only Randy in this series, as Randy Orton makes his Retro debut. Decked out with full sleeves of tattoos and his beard-wearing phase, The Legend Killer is posed to deliver a crushing RKO to his opponent.

Last but definitely not least is Goldust, one of the coolest Retro figures to date. Not only is this a perfect representation of The Golden One's WWF debut in 1995, but it comes with a REMOVEABLE WIG! If you ever wanted to recreate the scene between Goldust and Goldberg from Raw in 2003 but in Retro form... now's your chance.


This is arguably one of the most fun and unique waves of the Retro figures to date. 

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