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WWE Retro Series One

WWE Retro figures are the spiritual successor to the WWF Hasbro figures of the 1990s. Small, chunky and packed with "action moves," Mattel introduced the line in 2018, creating a nostalgia fix for long-time collectors, while also creating something fun for newer figure collectors.

A menu of reviews for each series in the collection can be found at the bottom of this page. For now, let's take a closer look at Series One...

What better way to kick off the first series of Retro figures than with The Ultimate Warrior, who had a trio of WWF Hasbro figures during his active run with the company? Although somewhat cartoonish, this version of Warrior is fantastic and comes complete with feathered long hair, neon colors and tassels hanging from his arms. You can also manipulate his limbs to deliver the perfect Gorilla Press Slam.

Next up is Roman Reigns, and this is a perfect depiction of The Big Dog. They managed to get both the face and the gear perfect, and one fist is spring-loaded (think Jake The Snake Roberts from the original Hasbro series), ready to deliver a Superman Punch to unsuspecting victims.

From there, we've got Kevin Owens, an interesting nod to one of the more talents at the time of this series being released. The figure is a fairly basic version of The Prizefighter, but it definitely gets the job done.

The Champ Is Next, and if anyone deserves to be made into a Hasbro-esque figure, it's John Cena. Decked out in orange and green gear with black jorts, the Cena figure delivers a badass Attitude Adjuster to anyone who dares try to see him.

Last but certainly not least is The Undertaker, the other figure in this Series that had his own Hasbro figure back in the day. Unlike said Hasbro figure, this depiction is from The Dead Man's run in the mid-1990s, complete with purple tie, gloves and boot accents. While it's not quite as fearsome as his Hasbro, it's a fantastic addition to your Retro collection.

A great debut here for the WWE Retro line, with not a bad figure in the entire series!

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