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WWE Retro Series Six

WWE Retro figures are the spiritual successor to the WWF Hasbro figures of the 1990s. Small, chunky and packed with "action moves," Mattel introduced the line in 2018, creating a nostalgia fix for long-time collectors, while also creating something fun for newer figure collectors.

A menu of reviews for each series in the collection can be found at the bottom of this page. For now, let's take a closer look at Series Six...

Series Six begins with Shinsuke Nakamura, the only figure other than Sami Zayn so far to have the new "kicking" action. It fits The Artist perfectly although, as I mentioned with Zayn, the pose and the very sensitive kicking trigger makes it tough to display Nakamura without him knocking John Cena or Big E over on your shelf. Otherwise, a perfect scan and nice figure of the NXT and WWE star.

Daniel Bryan is... okay, as it depicts his short hair and beard period (as opposed to the longer hair when he won the championship at WrestleMania XXX). And while the "jumper" mold is fine for Bryan, it would have been cool to give him kicking action or something instead.

Bray Wyatt is pretty awesome, and a very welcome addition to the Retro collection. His long beard, scraggly hair and multiple tattoos are well represented here, even though "punching" action doesn't really seem like it would be his thing.

Finally, we have Sting. Yes, this is fairly similar to the Sting Retro from Series Two, only with red "Wolfpac" face paint and a slightly different scorpion pattern on his shirt. Someone must have left the company early, thus a repainted Stinger being a last-minute replacement for them.

Series Six is kind of a mixed bag, with Nakamura and Wyatt being the clear standouts.

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