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WWE Retro figures are the spiritual successor to the WWF Hasbro figures of the 1990s. Small, chunky and packed with "action moves," Mattel introduced the line in 2018, creating a nostalgia fix for long-time collectors, while also creating something fun for newer figure collectors.

A menu of reviews for each series in the collection can be found at the bottom of this page. For now, let's take a closer look at what Mattel is calling the Retro 4-Pack Wave Four.

For those unaware... at the end of 2019, the Retro figures by Mattel ceased production and many collectors were clamoring for their return. In January 2022, they were brought back via mail order on the Mattel Creations website (and to be purchased as an entire set), as opposed to earlier waves that were available via retail stores. 

First up is The Undertaker. While The Dead Man is always a welcome addition to one's collection, this choice is a bit questionable. It's extremely similar to the mid-1990s version available in WWE Retro Series One, only with no hat and a protective face mask on him (symbolizing the era where his orbital bone had been shattered). I mean, it's a decent figure, but I could think of at least a dozen other Undertaker "looks" I'd have rather seen.

Paul Bearer, on the other hand, is the WWE Retro figure you never knew you needed until now. His cartoonish look is captured perfectly here, right down to the bulging eyes, massive frame and suit and tie combo. He even comes with an urn (which unfortunately doesn't fit into his hands, but you can kind of tuck it under his arm if desired).

Vader is an unusual choice for this collection, but not one I'm going to complain about. Wearing his half-mask and red and black trunks with "VADER TIME" emblazoned across the front, this fig will make you nostalgic for the big man's late-1990s run in the WWF.

Rounding out the collection is a mid-1990s version of Jerry The King Lawler. Complete with (non-removable) crown, blue singlet and decorated white tights, this is an excellent rendering of The King from that era. The only real complaint is that Lawler's arms feel a little too long compared to the rest of his proportions, but given all this form factor isn't exactly to scale, we can let it slide.

Unlike some of the earlier sets, Wave Four is a bit more random, but still provides us with some good variety of Retro figures for collectors.

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