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WWE Superstars Series One

WWE Superstars are the spiritual successor to the cancelled Masters Of The WWE Universe line, with a bit of the WWE Retro line thrown in for good measure.

The bodies are definitely in the MOTWU mold, with very basic body types and less of the nuanced physiques that, say, the main line of WWE Mattel figures has (some could even compare them to the old AWA figures, in fact). But unlike their He-Man counterparts, these figures have outfits and accessories that are more wrestler-friendly and true to their original characters.


Let's took at the first line, released exclusively in Wal-Mart stores.  

This is a very odd mix of wrestlers for a first collection... not that I'm complaining, exactly. We start out with The Honky Tonk Man, one of my personal favorites and The Greatest Intercontinental Champion Of ALL Time! HTM comes complete with his blue and red Elvis-style jumpsuit and a removable red scarf. His face scan is just about perfect, and he comes with a breakable guitar (a la Elias from the WWE Retro series). It's a little tricky to pose Honky with his guitar, but it's possible. He also comes with two extra pairs of hands -- as do all of these Superstars figures.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan is next, and it's a respectable tribute to the leader of the nWo. He comes with a removable do-rag, sunglasses and tear-away nWo shirt. He also has the nWo title belt. Is this the greatest rendering of Hollywood in figure form? Probably not, but it is admirable how much detail they packed into such a tiny figure. Plus he pairs nicely with nWo Hall and Nash in Series Two.

Bray Wyatt is... an odd choice for this set, to say the least. First, he's not exactly a legend and second, he was gone from WWE by the time this hit shelves. Third, he's wearing a fairly obscure outfit from a random episode of Firefly Fun House, wearing a removable Mad Hatter style hat and black jacket. It's like, if you're going to put Wyatt in this series, why not just do The Fiend, which is far more eye-catching and toy-like? I don't dislike the figure at all, I just question the choice.

Finally, we have Ric Flair, wearing his "jumped ship to WWF in 1991" red Nature Boy robe, which matches with his red trunks and boots. He also comes with sunglasses... which is fine, given his "Wheelin' Dealin'" etc. gimmick, but when did he ever wear sunglasses on his way to the ring? But that's just a bonus accessory and in no way should it take away from a very good Ric Flair rendering.

Overall, this is a really fun set. Whether you're someone who wants to continue on with your Masters of the WWE Universe line (or AWA Remco's, I suppose) or love the idea of WWE Retro figures, this is a nice series to have in your collection.

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