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A Tribute To AWA Remco Figures

Before LJN hit toy shelves with their iconic WWF Wrestling Superstars line, the AWA Remco figures were the first wrestling figure line in North America.

As we learned in the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us, Remco was originally negotiating to become the WWF's official toy company, but once Vince McMahon chose LJN, Remco quickly pivoted and repurposed an existing toy line ("Lost World of The Warlord") to resemble the stars of the American Wrestling Association.

Although I never owned the figures during their mid-1980s heyday (nor did I ever see them grace Canadian toy store shelves that I'm aware of), these figures were always white whales to collect, and I recent found a few near-mint figures at a local toy market for a very reasonable price.

Let's break the figures down a little further....