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WWE Superstars Series Two

WWE Superstars are the spiritual successor to the cancelled Masters Of The WWE Universe line, with a bit of the WWE Retro line thrown in for good measure.

The bodies are definitely in the MOTWU mold, with very basic body types and less of the nuanced physiques that, say, the main line of WWE Mattel figures has (some could even compare them to the old AWA figures, in fact). But unlike their He-Man counterparts, these figures have outfits and accessories that are more wrestler-friendly and true to their original characters.


Let's took at the second series, released exclusively in Wal-Mart stores.  

Fun note: It's worth noting that when you place the packages of these figures side-by-side (and in a certain order as pictured above), the background images match up against one another (e.g. part of Ultimate Warrior's arm is on the Kevin Nash package). This is not the only WWE Superstars has done this, but it was the first time I had all four packages at the same time to try this myself.

Shawn Michaels is a fun look at his early days as Intercontinental Champion in the early 1990s. His white leather outfit with red and black accents takes us back to the early days of The Heartbreak Kid, as does the blue I-C belt he comes with. All of these figures, by the way, come with alternate hands... but those rarely mean much to me any more.

Both Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are quite similar, sporting removable nWo shirts, black armbands and dark sunglasses. Each of them are good likenesses and both come with a WCW World Tag Team Championship belt. As a bonus, if you collected the Hollywood Hulk Hogan from Series One, you have the core members of the nWo together again.

While I'm definitely on Ultimate Warrior figure fatigue by now, this one is decidedly different than many of the market. Coming from his final WWF run, Warrior has blond hair and purple, black and yellow color scheme. He's also wearing a Sweet Duster (tm It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) that has a comic book version of Warrior on the back side. I certainly don't need every Ultimate Warrior fig on the market, but I did need this one.

Overall, this is a very good set and, to me, an improvement on Series One. Call it The Kliq and The Warrior, but it gives you a very good for the 1990s wrestling scene. More series of WWE Superstars are on the way!


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