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Tag Team Appreciation Month



1988 - 2002 (off and on)

WCW World Tag Team Champions

1988 Crockett Cup Champions


Written by Canadian Bulldog


When you think about "great tag teams," the tandem of Sting and Lex Luger don't typically come anywhere near the top of that list. But perhaps they should.


In many ways, Sting & Luger were WCW's equivalent of The Mega Powers - the company's two top babyfaces uniting to face the forces of evil. It began when they teamed up in 1988 to enter The Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, defeating The Midnight Express, The Powers of Pain and Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson en route to winning the entire tournament.

While Sting and Luger went their separate ways MANY times over the years and sometimes even feuded against one another, they always seemed to reunite when the time was right. For example, the battled Rick and Scott Steiner at SuperBrawl in one of my all-time favorite WCW matches. And while The Steiner Brothers won, it was truly a showcase of the four top good guys in the company at that point in time.


Later, when Luger returned to WCW in 1995, he and Sting quickly reformed their team (even though Luger was a heel and Sting wasn't) and won the WCW Tag Team Chapionship from Harlem Heat. Throughout the Monday Night Wars, Sting and Luger would be on opposite sides and then somehow, someway reunite to give fans one more look at their unique chemistry.

Are Sting and Lex Luger one of the top ten best tag teams? Probably not. But had they teamed more consistently over the years... who knows what could have been? Between Luger's power and Sting's charisma, it was a one-two combination that was fairly hard to ignore.

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