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Retro Rumble 2023

Remember WWF's Hasbro wrestling figures? Staples of the 1990s, these misshapen toys had tiny levers, knobs and spring-loaded limbs, and were "so close to the real thing, it's like being in the ring!" (tm Jesse Ventura).


We here at Wrestling Merchandise and Memories LOVE them, as well as their more recent WWE Retro cousins that Mattel produced. For the past eight years, we've hosted a competition to determine the best figures.


This year's event is Retro Rumble 2023, a Royal Rumble-like event featuring 30 WWF Hasbro and WWE Retro figures. Here's what went down during Week OneWeek Two and Week Three of the event.


Check back each week and scroll through the photos below to see who will win!


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