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Mr. Fuji To Go Into Salt Business

Originally published October 21, 2008

Mr. Fuji To Go into Salt Business

(Osaka, Japan) -  Mr. Fuji is rubbing salt in the wounds of rival food companies. And he's loving every minute of it.


The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer has developed "Fuji's Own" brand Ceremonial Table Salt, and he challenges you to put it up against..., quick - name another brand of salt...


"Hahaha," Fuji told Breaking News. "My salt the best, boy-san."


Unlike other leading brands of salt, Fuji's Own is equally useful when spicing up your corn on the cob or mashed potatoes as it is for temporarily blinding someone.


"Fuji's Own has quickly become my favorite brand of salt," exclaimed Don Muraco, a random consumer from Sunset Beach, Hawaii. "Sometimes, I grab a handful and stick it down my trunks. You know, in case I need to use it later."


It can also be used in a stew.



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