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One year ago, we presented a dozen fantasy-booked matches between WWE and AEW, knowing the chances of getting such matches is nothing more than a pipe dream. But we can dream, can't we?

We're back this year with more than a dozen matchups, using only the current roster and excluding those who were on the injured list as of mid-July 2022 (e.g. Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, CM Punk -- with two exceptions we've grandfathered in) and those who were in contract disputes or legal limbo at that time (e.g. Sasha Banks, Naomi, Jeff Hardy and possibly MJF).

With that said, what do you think of the following Dream Matches? And more importantly... who would win? 

Moxley Rollins Reigns.png

Jon Moxley vs. Seth Freakin Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Of all the matches we presented last year... this is the only one that even comes close to being a repeat. But with Jon Moxley as Interim AEW World Champion, Roman Reigns being WWE Unified Universal Champion, and Seth Rollins having bad blood with both, this would be a Triple Threat Match for the ages. Beyond having William Regal and Paul Heyman in the corner of each champion (which would be fun to watch each man plot strategy)... I can't help but think there's a common thread between these three men; perhaps something from their past?

FTR Usos.png

The Usos vs. FTR

The two most dominant tag teams of 2022 so far pair off in what should be an incredible matchup. There would also be a strong  face vs. heel dynamic here, which would add another element to the dream match scenario.

Becky Britt.png

Becky Lynch vs. Dr. Britt Baker

Here's a match where the build-up could be almost as fun as the in-ring confrontation itself. Both competitors are strong, dominant personalities, who would be able to assert confirming their place in history as a result of this dream match.

Wardlow Lesnar.png

Wardlow vs. Brock Lesnar

This match could be the ultimate hoss fight, a true battle between huge, powerful men who have redefined what it means to be a dominant competitor in the ring. The crowd may very well be split down the middle for this match.

RKBro vs Young Bucks.png

RK-Bro vs. The Young Bucks

This is one of two instances where we've brought someone off the injured list to make the match happen. Even the build between these two unique teams would be of main-event quality and the tag team match itself would have people on the edge of their seats.

Orange Omos.png

Orange Cassidy vs. Omos

Beyond the fact that both competitors' names begin with the rare letter of "O," this is a mismatch from the word go. But is it? Orange Cassidy has surprised people on many occasions, although he's never met someone as massive as The Nigerian Giant Omos before.

Kingston Miz.png

Eddie Kingston vs. The Miz

Based on his appearance, his arrogance and a few other 'it' factors, The Miz feels like someone who would raise the ire of Eddie Kingston. Of course, pretty much everyone raises the ire of Eddie Kingston, but The Miz would be able to bring things to the next level, allowing for a great build-up and a really heated match.

Edge Jericho.png

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

While Canadian superstars Edge and Chris Jericho have met in the ring before (most notably for a World Title match at WrestleMania XXVI), they've both grown in to even more legendary stars during the past dozen years. Between Edge bringing more maturity and a darker edge to his act and Jericho having the confidence of an entire promotion being based around him... this is a rematch that would likely be better than the first time around.

Bianca Jade.png

Bianca Belair vs. Jade Cargill

While Jade Cargill is a few years behind Bianca Belair in terms of overall experience, both champions have displayed nothing but confidence and athleticism during their recent runs on top. This could be a sleeper pick for match of the night in an already-stacked lineup.

Page Theory.png

Hangman Adam Page vs. Theory

When motivated, Hangman Adam Page is among the toughest in the ring, and someone like Theory certainly has the knack to get under his skin and agitate the cowboy.

Styles Cole.png

AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole

Despite competing under the WWE banner together for several years... AJ Styles and Adam Cole last met in a Ring of Honor setting and nearly a decade ago. Now, as two of the best singles competitors in the industry and with the maturity of having headlined mainstream PPVs, this is another rematch that would hit different in 2022.

Drew Scorpio.png

Drew McIntyre vs. Scorpio Sky

Granted... Since putting together these matchups, Scorpio Sky has dropped the TNT Championship, but he's still a top competitor in AEW and is developing a reputation as a world-beater. How would he fare against Drew McIntyre, someone who has carried the ball of his promotion before and could very well do so again?

Blackpool Owens Zayn.png

The Blackpool Combat Club vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Bryan Danielson becomes the second wrestler to come off the disabled list early for this dream match-up, teaming with Claudio Castagnoli as two former WWE stars against two current ones in Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Zayn and Owens feel as though they will also reunite under the right circumstances, and battling two guys who left their home promotion could be enough to get the French Canadian frenemies back on the same page long enough to engage in this battle.

Rosa Flair.png

Thunder Rosa vs. Charlotte Flair

For the past few years, Charlotte Flair has been craving a true challenge... and who better to do that than the fast-rising Thunder Rosa? We've seen that Rosa has both the charisma and physicality to match up with just about anyone, but would The Queen be too much for her to handle?

What do you think of these matches? Who would win?
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