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A dozen dream matches.png

Yeah... we know.

The chances of getting matches between the biggest WWE and AEW stars is nothing more than a pipe dream, but we can dream, can't we?


And more importantly... who would win? 

Reigns vs Moxley.png

Roman Reigns vs. Jon Moxley

Obviously, these two have a pre-existing history together, being two-thirds of The Shield in a previous life. But in their current incarnations, one may argue that that a heel Roman Reigns defending his Universal Championship against a more indepedent and incredibly popular Jon Moxley is the thing dream matches are made of.

Big E Brian Cage (1).png

BIg E vs. Brian Cage

Some may argue that we haven't seen the peak of Big E yet -- and the same can be said for Brian Cage. Both men have a larger-than-life look and a match between them would be a natural. What role would Taz play in the finish?

Baker Belair.png

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Bianca Belair

Beyond the fact that both ladies hold championship gold and have "BB" as initials... Dr. Britt Baker and Bianca Belair are among the best in the world right now. A match between them, especially with a strong story heading into it, could be main-event caliber.

Young Bucks New Day.png

The Young Bucks vs. The New Day

Two of the top teams in their respective promotions currently, both brimming with ability and charisma to spare, The Young Bucks and The New Day have all the earmarks of having a dream match. Let's just hope that the cold spray doesn't get all over the pancakes! 

Darby Hardy.png

Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy

Let's be honest: Darby Allin is, in many respects, a younger version of Jeff Hardy, right down to the daredevil-wrestling style and unorthodox face paint. Hardy is still talented enough to match Allin move-for-move in what promises to be a tremendous contest. What role would Big Money Matt Hardy play in such a match?

Cody Lashley.png

Cody Rhodes vs. Bobby Lashley

Cody Rhodes has dominated AEW for most of his run in the company, while Bobby Lashley has been incredibly dominant over the last year of his WWE career. With Arn Anderson and MVP in their respective corners, this match would be tough to predict a winner in.

Profits Lucha.png

The Street Profits vs. The Lucha Bros

Some may argue that The Street Profits and Lucha Bros don't necessarily constitute a true dream match, but we'd disagree. Both are franchise teams for their respective promotions and are capable of having a tremendous match with the right dance partners. We think this could be just that match.

MJF Owens.png

Kevin Owens vs. MJF

Even if you put aside the potential match between Kevin Owens and MJF (which would probably be great), the promo war between these men would be off the charts! Owens is at his best when playing off another strong personality, which describes MJF to a tee. Their rivalry would be WrestleMania quality.

Rollins Cassidy.png

Seth Rollins vs. Orange Cassidy

This is another match we could easily visualize. After weeks of being frustrated by the chill attitude of Orange Cassidy, the egotistical Seth Rollins would snap and demand a match between the two. Said match would likely be amazing and showcase the fun clash between their two styles.

Riho Bayley.png

Riho vs. Bayley

After a very strong singles run, Bayley has become complacent trying to find her next opponent. Enter Riho, who has made her way through most of the AEW womens division to date. Together, they would be able to pull off a classic bout.

Team WWE vs Inner Cirlce.png

Team WWE vs. The Inner Circle

Granted... WWE is a little short of five-man factions at the moment, but the combination of WWE Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos, and Rey and Dominick Mysterio, along with WWE Hall of Famer Edge, would be a compelling one. They'd face The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz) who are looking to conquer some of the WWE's biggest names.

McIntyre vs Omega.png

Drew McIntyre vs. Kenny Omega

Ever since WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre has been looking to level up and find his next big challenge. Enter Kenny Omega, who has been running roughshod over competition in both AEW and Impact. With Don Callis by his side, will The Cleaner have what it takes to overtake The Scottish Warrior?

What do you think of these matches? Who would win?
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