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Masters of the WWE Universe


A few months ago, we reviewed the Masters of the WWE Universe collection, or at least the handful of figures from the series that had hit Canadian shelves.

As a kid, I was a massive fan of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, watching the cartoon series and collecting a healthy chunk of the action figures. So when I learned that Mattel was making a cross-over series between the two toy franchises, that really hit me where I live.


Since first discovering them here in the fall of 2020, I've been trying to make up the difference by scouring WalMart stores for "newer" figures and trying to pick up others on the secondary market for a decent price. When I saw all four Series 6 figures in the same store, I knew I needed to act fast.

It's worth noting in the gallery above that, like the other MOTWWEU figures, each are housed in He-Man style packaging, giving nicknames to each competitor much like He-Man, Skeletor and the like had back in the day. Each fig also comes with a brochure-sized comic book, explaining how each figure works within this particular universe. For example, Stephanie McMahon is paired with nWo style Randy Savage facing off against Ultimate Warrior in one comic, and with Triple H in another.

The figures look particularly awesome in the Grayskull Mania ring, which I also procured last fall to house these bad boys.

Beginning with Kane, "The Demonic Red Machine" looks straight out of his 1998 glory days here, yet also has some MOTU twists, including glowing orange eyes, a wrench for a hand, and a detachable flame thrower, perfect for setting Rey Mysterio and others on fire.

Stephanie McMahon is in a different form factor than the male figures and similar to She-Ra, in fact. I'm not sure whether she's the first female in this line (I've seen images of Becky Lynch online, but haven't seen The Man in stores yet), but it's a really solid addition. She comes with a detachable skull and crown (similar to what she wore at WrestleMania XXVIII, I believe) and a Macho King-like sceptre.

The Ultimate Warrior may be the sleeper figure in this set; I know there was a Warrior released in an early series, but given I never was able to purchase it... all good by me. Beyond the fact that he looks great in the alternate red and white colors (a tribute to Canada?), the "Heroic Champion of WWEternia" comes with a pretty boss removeable cape.

Goldberg is the Masters of the WWE Universe figure I never knew I needed or wanted, but it's pretty damn incredible. With his removable head armor (is that the right word?), the "Heroic Human Jackhammer" is a dead-ringer for Ram Man, and I have to admit I'm a sucker for WWE figures that clearly emulate classic He-Man ones (e.g. Braun Strowman as Beast Man). He also comes with an ax of some strain, just to make him that much more menacing.

Masters of the WWE Universe

As I mentioned in my previous look at Masters of the WWE Universe... all of the heads, limbs and torsos can be interchanged, which allows you to create a fairly crazy group of characters, too.


While I certainly don't have the entire MOTWWEU collection yet.... I know have a healthy chunk of the group  doing a prehistoric version of the Royal Rumble. And I have to admit, they're welcome additions to my figure collection.

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