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GR Flexforce Ultimate Warrior Power

Right off the bat, you may notice a few interesting things about the GR FlexForce Ultimate Warrior Power action figure gift set. For one thing, The Ultimate Warrior isn't part of it (nor is any other actual wrestler, though a few come pretty close). Second, it's not based on the "FlexForce" series of action figures by Mattel in the early 2010s, even though the logo is identical.

This, my friends, is the bootleggiest bootleg that ever bootlegged. It's the wrestling equivalent of those superhero sets that you may find in a flea market, with really poor renditions of Superman, SpiderMan and, I dunno, Shrek packaged together for no discernable reason. But as atrocious as the entire set may seem to be, there's actually quite a bit to it. Let's take a closer look, shall we?