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Flea Market Findings IV


Recently, my son and I traveled to Pickering Markets, a combination flea, antique and farmer's market just east of Toronto. And as usual, I tried desperately to find wrestling stuff to write about....

Misc. Wrestling Figures


I'm quickly finding that a staple of many flea markets are random bins of action figures. And while not every stop has wrestling figures, the Pickering Flea Market had several places where you could find some loose figs for between $1 and $5 apiece.


I have to admit there was nothing special here. Almost all of them I found on this particular day were of the Jakks and Mattel variety, e.g. figures that had only been out for the last decade or so. Among the ones I saw in the dollar bins were Billy Kidman, The Honky Tonk Man, Randy Orton, Christian, Vince McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Batista and a WCW era Scott Hall. Oh, and a Ninja Turtle.


Honestly, I wasn't driven to part with even a few bucks over these finds.


$75 Hulk Hogan Picture

Yeah.... I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.


Sandwiched in between a stack of books and a toy dump truck was this framed picture of the Hulkster that, I'm not the least bit joking, was being sold for 75 bones.


WHY?!? The autograph is not legit, and this is just a reproduction of a Hulk Hogan pose that was quite popular in the mid-1980s.


I may have even owned this picture at one point in my life, and I guarantee you I didn't spend that kind of scratch on it. Brrrrrother!

Bag Of Random WWE Trading Cards


On a shelf that also displayed ashtrays and a Pee-Wee Herman action figure, I spotted this bag of Topps trading cards for $2 and decided, why the hell not?


For some reason, when I first laid eyes on this bag, I got excited because I thought the AJ Styles card was from his TNA run and thus, slightly more valuable. But it clearly isn't, and all of the cards in the bag I'm 90 percent sure I already have somewhere. In fact, I haven't even opened the bag since I bought it; it's just been sitting in Bulldog's Bin for the past three weeks, waiting to be examined.


The Big Gold-ish Belt


Locked away in a display case as though it was an ancient treasure on par with The Stanley Cup was this replica WWE World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, a mere steal at $45.


Of course, it looks like its a toy, one of the replica belts on sale at Toys R Us for half that price and aimed at children seven and under, so I'm not sure this is really something a prospective wrestler might walk down that aisle too, you know? Pass.


Oversized Wrestling Figures


This is the one purchase that, in retrospect, I wish I would have thought carefully about instead of just snapping a picture and moving on to the next item.


At the flea market, sandwiched in between 1990's WWF figures, board games and a few other useless wrestling finds, were these gigantic wrestling figures for $15 each. In addition to the Talking Macho Man toy, which I reviewed last summer, there was also Oversized Undertaker, Oversized Carlito and Oversized Chris Jericho.


Would these things, beat up and lying on the Flea Market floor, be worth $15 or more over time? Maybe not. I don't even remember WWE releasing these guys, which leads me to believe they weren't super popular. But now I'm thinking I should have at least made a reasonable offer to the vendor.... Thoughts?

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