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10 Reasons Why This Dilapidated Killer Bees Poster Is The Best Thing Ever!

Killer Bees poster

1. The poster came rolled up inside a package of Killer Bees LJN Wrestling Superstars action figures when they were sold as a two-pack circa 1987.


2. It clearly portrays "The Bees" as WWF Tag Team Champions, an event that only happened in our imagination.


3. The renderings of Jumpin' Jim Brunzell and B. Brian Blair are actually far better than their action figures ever were.

The Killer Bees

4. The ringside fans are 1000 % behind Brunzell and Blair, even though The Bees are clearly turning their backs to them.


5. While Blair is wearing the traditional black and yellow "Killer Bees" jacket, Brunzell is wearing a cool half-and-half variant. Not that either of the action figures come with jackets of any sort, but still. 


6. One stupid mark at ringside is holding up a "USA" sign, as though The Killer Bees were the embodiment of everything American.


7. This poster is far less racist than the "Special Delivery Jones w/ Bongo Drums and Maracas" one.

SD Jones poster

8. Buddy in the front row is clutching a piece of paper, trying mightily to get Brunzell's attention for an autograph.


9. The poster honors the winners of the first (and only) Frank Tunney Memorial Tag Team Tournament.


10. The reason why it's all crumpled up and crinkly looking? If you use your imagination, you can picture an angry Iron Sheik balling the poster up in his hand, muttering something about breaking their backs and making them humble.

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