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WrestleMania 40 Elite Figures

Unlike the last couple of WrestleMania Elite sets (see reviews of 38 and 39), Mattel's WWE WrestleMania 40 Elite Figures wasn't exactly a must-buy for me.

For beginners, it's a fairly random collection of WrestleMania moments, none of which are all that meaningful to me. Which means that some, but not all the figs in the collection, were needed for my rapidly-expanding WrestleMania Tribute Shelf. And even the Build-A-Figure from this set (Nicholas?) didn't really scratch me where I itched.


And yet... I got the whole damn collection anyways and was pleasantly surprised by the final product. Let's take a closer look... 

All the figures in this collection are made to look like their various WrestleMania matches.


John Cena is looking good in his Rise Above Hate outfit from WrestleMania XXVIII and in fact, may be one of his best Elite figures to date. In addition to his green shirt, baseball cap, wristbands and blue jean jorts, Cena comes with a set of dog tags and alternate hands.

The Rock is also from WrestleMania XXVIII, although he comes with the WWE Championship (which was from WrestleMania XXXIX). And while this could have been from the following WrestleMania, The Rock has a goatee which was from XXVIII. Other than that one twist, the figure is a fantastic likeness of The Great One from that period, and also comes with alternate hands.

Trish Stratus is from the six-person tag team match at WrestleMania XXVII, and while I was never a huge fan of her "dark hair" era personally, the figure is WAY better than the other Trish Mattel figure I have (Series 88) so that's hard to complain about. SHe, too, comes with alternate hands.

Pat McAfee is from WrestleMania XXXVIII and is dressed in a straightforward black shirt and pants. He also has a removable necklace and alternate hands.

Finally, each figure comes with parts for the Build-A-Nicholas figure, capturing his one and only match at WrestleMania XXXIV where he became a Tag Team Champion for about 24 hours. It's kind of cool, and may very well make it to my WrestleMania Tribute shelf... but I can't say I needed it.

Overall, this is an interesting set of figures, but definitely not my favorite from the WrestleMania Elite series.

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