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Kids - have the high price of today's wrestling collectibles and action figures got you down? Not willing to drop 10 bucks (or, in many cases, more) to get a miniature likeness of Roman Reigns? 


In that case, the folks at Beverly Hills Teddy Bear have got the perfect solution for you: four WWE figurines for just a dollar each!

Now, if you're only dropping a dollar, you have to expect that certain features you've come to expect from action figures may not apply here.


For example: they don't come with accessories. They aren't the least bit poseable. And the kids at Beverly Hills Teddy Bear decided to rob these figurines of any distinguishing features whatsoever. 


For example: here we have The... Undertaker?


I mean, it looks like some guy dressed in Undertaker clothes and everything, but his facial expression is something out a Tintin comic.



Also? Why are The Dead Man's legs so stubby and short? What an odd design choice...

Roman Reigns also misses the mark by a pretty fair margin.


Sure, his proportions, gear and even his hair are passable, but that look on his face! It's like "Do I want to punch you? I dunno... maybe."


And finally, we have... I'm not going to say Brock Lesnar because that would be terribly offensive to The Beast Incarnate. I'm going to "NXT" his name and call this Brad Lesworth or somesuch.


Brad is AWFUL. He looks like a cross between John Heidenreich and Big Moose from the Archie comics. Plus he stole Samoa Joe's trunks. And would it have killed Beverly Hills Teddy Bear to give these guys some tattoos?


I've reviewed many WWE minifigures over the last year, some of them (such as Funko's Mystery Minis) are fantastic and others (here I'm looking at the Mighty Minis line) would fall under the "good but not great" category.


WWE Superstars Figurines fall under neither category. They don't remotely look like the superstars they're supposed to, and the fact that they're not poseable hurts their collectibility factor. You wouldn't even want to put these on your desk or wallunit somewhere for fear that someone would laugh at them.


It's as though they're a bootleg brand you'd get from a gumball machine with a brand name such as "WWWWE DownSmack!" or somesuch. But the fact that WWE actually gave this license to Beverly Hills Teddy Bear is kind of shocking. Someone needs to give a serious Attitude Adjustment to those involved with quality control.

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