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WWE Slam City Blast 'n Smash Cart 

Blast 'n Smash Cart

Some backstory may be in order for this, most unusual action figure playset. 

In 2014, WWE launch a stop-motion animation series on WWE Network known as Slam City. The premise was, more or less, that a masked heel named The Finisher forced WWE stars to get day jobs including coffee barista, auto mechanic and traffic guards.

In the case of CM Punk, he decided to replace his lack of WWE income by operating an ice cream cart (a sly nod to his 2011 in-ring campaign to bring back WWE Ice Cream Bars), which led to hilarious hijinx between Punk and the show's heels, including The Miz and Damien Sandow. Punk's new job created the impetus for an ice cream cart-themed playset - the aptly-named Blast 'n Smash Cart.

The Slam City action figures released right around the time of the cartoon show were small and somewhat-similar WWE Rumblers figures. The primary difference being, these figures are made of a soft, rubbery substance and their arms are meant to stretch out somewhat (similar to what happens in the cartoon). Figures available include the pictured Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, The Finisher, Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Th Undertaker, plus others including Randy Orton in a zookeeper's outfit and Mark Henry dressed like a penguin. Yes, seriously.

Blast 'n Smash Cart
Blast 'n Smash Cart

The Blast 'n Smash Cart is a thing of beauty. Not only does it come with a free ice cream-themed Punk figure, it's also custom-decorated for The Straight Edge Superstar, including his taped-fist logo on the front of the cart and Chicago-style stars around the vehicle.


Plus the top panel opens (presumably for storing drumsticks and ice cream sandwiches and the umbrella is detachable... just in case you want to use it for your Slam City Jack Gallagher or Marty Scurll figures.

The primary feature of the Blast 'n Smash Cart is an ice cube that can store a Slam City figure. Actually, that's not true - the instruction manual specifically states you can't store a figure in there for any length of time, but it "holds" a figure.


I actually tried to fit my Stone Cold Steve Austin in the cube so I could do the requisite Chilly McFreeze joke... but Cena was one of the only figures who fit. The ice cube then fits inside the ice cream cart -- perfect for CM Punk's apparent plot to murder his enemies.

Blast 'n Smash Cart
Blast 'n Smash Cart

Once you're ready to unthaw your victim (or the cops are on your tail and you need to find a better place to hide the corpse), a lever at one side of the cart launches the ice cube out the other side, perfect for delivering John Cena to Jabba's Palace or whatever sinister motive CM Punk is cooking up on this fine, summery day.

Playing devil's advocate for a moment.... let's just assume a young member of the WWE Universe happened to pass by the cart while Punk was harboring his Cenasicle. What would have happened? Would the kid have been scarred for life? Probably way too much information for an action figure playset... but there you have it.

All kidding aside - this is a fine little playset for what it is.... and is relatively cheap (even years later) on the secondary market. Will it redefine your love of WWE, CM Punk or even ice cream bars? Probably not. But if you're looking for an intricate way to dispose of John Cena.... this could be it, my friend.

Blast 'n Smash Cart
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