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WWE Retro Figures

Better Than Hasbro?


Devotees of this website know how much we LOVE the old WWF Hasbro figure collection. Hell, we even have our annual Hasbro Classic tournament dedicated to the line. So when WWE announced late last year that they were resurrecting the unique build and function of these figures, it was tough NOT to get excited.


But the question remains: Which line is superior?


For starters, the packaging is just... perfect. It's a not-so-subtle nod to the Hasbro figures of old, complete with the action move each figure has. All you need is a superstar-specific gimmicky move name at the bottom, such as the "Brock Basher".


The back of the packaging is somehow even more beautiful than the front. Simple, clear and to the point -- that's all it really takes.


There are clear instructions showing how one can execute the spring-loaded action move on your opponent. And like the Hasbro figures of old; the action move has a dual purpose. Not only can one deliver The Pop Up Powerbomb, but they can also use it to deliver a punch ("KO Krunch"? I'm here all night...).


It's a little touch, but it makes the packaged figures SO much more effective, knowing how you can use them all effectively.


Let's talk about the individual figures in this collection, as we've matched them up against Hasbro stars of yesteryear because we're.... clever?


John Cena looks amazing here. Decked out in a green baseball cap, wristbands, jorts and hightop sneakers, it's a cartoonish yet realistic portayal of The Champ, and a must have for the rebooted line. Plus you could totally see him feuding with The Million Dollar Man, no?


Cena's action move is The Attitude Adjuster ("U Can't See Me Slam?" Anyone?), which actually kind of works properly, if you pivot one side of the figure, his torso actually moves in the direction of the mat.

Boo him all you want, but the WWE Retro depiction of Roman Reigns is outstanding. A great head sculpt that shows The Big Dog roaring, plus Reigns' tribal sleeve tattoo, flak jacket shirt and black outfit.


The Superman Punch is a thing of spring-loaded beauty... and it actually works well enough to legitimately knock an opponent over! Sure, it's a little over-dramatic in the photo here when he's facing Demolition, but it plays to Roman's overall dominance in today's WWE Universe.




As Jake The Snake Roberts can attest... KO Mania is alive and well in this WWE Retro series, and I am soooo stoked that they decided to choose him as one of the figures for the first series.


For one thing... he's Canadian, and I'm proud that the home country is represented. But more importantly, Kevin Owens is the perfect anti-hero to add to your collection.


Between the fingerless black gloves, KO T-shirt, trademark long black shorts with kneepads, and even his "bull" arm tattoo, The Kevin Owens Show is alive and well in this particular collection!

Can we just take a moment or two to appreciate that this Brock Lesnar figure is TOTALLY able to pick up Akeem The African Dream and give him an F5?


Although there have been several action figure representations of The Beast Incarnate (and many that are more proportionally-accurate), this is one of my favorites. You've got a version of his back, chest and arm tattoos, black gloves and long shorts. Plus his face has the perfect scowl expression on it, just perfect for staring down your opponent before squashing them into nothingness.


In addition to these four, Mattel has also released The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker figures (not yet available in my neck of the woods), which look much better than their Hasbro predecessors. And we've seen sneak peeks online of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane that will likely be part of the next series.


I love these figures; I really do. They are the perfect way to continue worshipping Hasbro figures, while obviously updating the line for characters that were create after the early 1990s and updating the overall figure technology.


While the Hasbro line will always hold a very special place in my heart.... WWE Retro is definitely an improvement on the concept.

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