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WWE Network To Air "The Rise & Fall

of AEW" Special

Originally published September 26, 2019

WWE Network To Air _Rise & Fall of AEW_

(Stamford, CT) - WWE Network plans to air a special this Thursday titled The Rise & Fall Of AEW, which will document the highs and lows of All Elite Wrestling.


Spoiler alert: They will mostly talk about the lows.


The riveting 12-minute documentary will speak to several competitors from the heyday of AEW, although it will mostly feature snarky comments by Vince McMahon and Triple H.


"TNT could have chosen to run their program on any night of the week, but they had to air it on the same night as ours," says McMahon in the documentary, in what actually may just be leftover footage from an old episode of The Monday Night Wars. "Turner was simply engaging in predatory business practices!"


To be fair, the program will also demonstrate how, at one time, AEW was able to create competitive counterprogramming before losing focus and spiraling out of control.


"Quite frankly, it doesn't take a genius to feature names that WWE had already turned into established superstars," says McMahon. And although the visuals for that section include Chris JerichoCody Rhodes and Jon Moxley, McMahon appears to be referencing Hulk HoganScott Hall and Kevin Nash.

The Rise & Fall Of AEW

Above: Chris Jericho comments on his AEW Championship reign. "Looking back at it now, I was embarassed to ever be associated with that group."

"The Wednesday Night Wars were quite personal to us," said Triple H, biting his lip to hold back laughter. "We all want competition, but this was different. This was personal. This was our family."


In addition to commentary by veteran AEW stars such as Michael Cole, Sasha Banks and R-Truth Dressed Up As Luchasauras, the WWE Network will also air B-Roll footage in the background from old episodes of Mid-South Championship Wrestling, just because.



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