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WWE Mystery Minis

Series Two

WWE Mystery Minis_ Series Two

About a year ago, I wrote about the first series of WWE Mystery Minis by Funko, tiny vinyl statuettes that boasted everyone from Hulk Hogan to Daniel Bryan.


I don't mind saying (once again) how much I love these figures - they're cartoonish, fun, and perfect for lining up on your desk, or in my case, on the top of a DVD shelf in my man cave.


At the time of the first review, I wrote: I don't know that a Series 2 is definitely in the works, but if I were to play Armchair Funko Designer, I might suggest some or more of the following additions: Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Paige and Charlotte. And for the Legends, how's about Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jake The Snake Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sting, Dusty Rhodes and Stone Cold Steve Austin?


As it turned out, Duggan, Savage and Piper were actually in Series 1 (but as Target exclusives, which sucks for Canadian collectors). As for the others? 

John Cena is the only "repeat" from series one, but it's a slightly different figure. Instead of being decked out in a baby blue shirt, wristbands and cap, he's rocking the green and orange U Can't See Me cap and is shirtless in series two. Overall, it's a decent rendering, and I never obtained the first series Cena, so it's still a win as far as I'm concerned.


"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is one of those characters who seems to be overexposed by the recent nostalgia boom. I've seen him have full-sized action figures, Mighty Minis, everything. Still, this is a cool add to my collection. Between his black suit, Million Dollar Belt and millionaire sneer, there's way too much to love about this guy.


While I'm certainly not a huge fan of Seth Rollins these days, it's hard not to appreciate this little number. Between his black outfit with gold highlights, his menacing sneer and the way he's clasping his hands together a la a cartoon supervillian, this was the perfect representation of Rollins during his 2014-15 heel run.


The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be? Not only does that personify Bret Hitman Hart, but it also describes this Mystery Mini to a tee. Funko got all the little details right on Hart's ring outfit, plus there are a pair of shades that, if you look closely, reveal The Hitman's eyes (one of my doubles came without the shades, so I could see the eyes in detail.)


This Roman Reigns rendering isn't bad at all, capturing not only his post-Shield look in black and silver trunks, but also the tribal tattoo that is in way more detail than I would have figured for a 2.5 inch figure.


Goldust? Are you friggin' kidding me? Don't get me wrong - this is a VERY welcome addition to the collection, but I'm not convinced he belongs in either the current or past rosters as a Series 2 pick. Having said that, I love the modern black and gold, latex bodysuit and shaved head motif, plus the famous Goldust breathing in pose.


Then we have Randy Orton, who looks like he may have during his Legacy heyday, but definitely not the Viper currently atop SmackDown these days.


Kevin Nash is kind of a bizarre addition, not only because he's wearing underwear and never did during his active career, but also because he's not even in "Diesel" motif, so why go there?


And Stone Cold Steve Austin, while a much needed part of my collection, just seems a little off. His eyes look shifty and his pose is almost like some dude who is straightening his tie right before exiting an important meeting.... if that makes any sense whatsoever.


Missing from my collection in Series 2 are Brock Lesnar, Dusty Rhodes, Sting and from Target, Razor Ramon, Sgt. Slaughter and Jake The Snake Roberts. So really, between the Target exclusives I didn't know existed in Series 1 and this version as well, I came pretty close to my wish list.


For Series 3, I'm hoping for: Dean Ambrose, Triple H, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, The Miz, Charlotte and Alexa Bliss, as well as legends Batista, Hawk and Animal. Let's see how many of those come to fruition a year from now.

WWE Mystery Minis_ Series Two

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